Container dimensions

Container dimensions

At Trident Container Leasing B.V., you can buy and lease shipping containers with different shipping container wall dimensions. We have the Standard containers, but also the special containers made for special cargo. We have, for instance, the Flat Rack containers, the Pallet Wide containers and the Open Top containers. Please find below the different container types and dimensions (external and internal). Or contact our sales team to get more information and advice.

The below container internal dimensions are standardized by ISO for guidance only. There may be occasional minor deviations.

Standard Containers (20 ft, 40 ft and 40 ft HC)

The American Malcolm P. McLean is considered the inventor of this mode of transport by using a container for the first time to avoid transshipments at ports. These containers were constructed according to American rules and were not adequate for European road transport. It took some years until the ISO standards for containers that are still valid to this day were introduced

The standard containers we sell, lease and rent are:

Reefer Containers (20ft and 40ft Reefer)

Reefer containers are special refrigerated containers. Their temperature can be adapted individually according to the goods in question. Our Reefer shipping containers have their own cooling system and get the necessary electricity from the vessel. To ensure a smooth transport without quality loss, the temperature is controlled before and regularly during the transit.

The Reefer containers we sell, lease and rent are:

Flat Rack Containers (20ft and 40ft Flat Rack)

Flat racks are containers without sidewalls or a roof. They have vertical front sides. This way, bulky cargo with over dimensions – like big machinery parts – can be shipped. The cargo is fixed and lashed on the flat racks with belts and chains to ensure safe transit.

The Flat Rack containers we sell, lease and rent are:

Open Top Containers (20 ft and 40 ft Open Top)

These containers have a tarpaulin instead of a hard roof. Goods that cannot be loaded through the doors of a Standard container can be stuffed through the top. In addition, cargoes with over height can be shipped in Open Top containers on board the sea ship.

The Open Top containers we sell, lease and rent are:

Pallet Wide Containers (40 ft and 40 High Cube Pallet Wide)

Trident has a relatively large fleet of Pallet Wide containers. As you can guess from the name, these containers are adequate for shipping Euro-pallets because the interior dimensions are slightly wider than the dimensions of a Standard container.

The Pallet Wide containers we sell, lease and rent are:

Shipping container dimensions

Our containers have the following inner dimensions.

Type of containerSizeTypeISOCapacity m3Inside LengthInside WidthInside Height
20'Flat Rack2086Fc22P35.6122.2002.213
40'Flat Rack4096Fc42P311.6662.2241.949
20'Open Top2086Ot22U132,55.8982.3422.350
40'Open Top4096Ot42U165,712.0322.3422.331
40'Pallet Wide4086Pw4CG170,412.1002.4422.383
40'Pallet Wide High Cube4096PwHc4EG179,5712.1002.4422.693
20' Reefer2086Re22R128,85.4562.2902.267
40'High Cube Reefer4096Re45RI68,311.5782.2902.545
40'High Cube4096Hc45G076,4312.1002.3502.688

You can convert the container dimensions in inches or feet or other metrics with this useful tool. If you have any questions about the sizes and dimensions, please contact us.

Container weights

Our containers have the following weight:
Please look at the container detail pages for specifications. Contact our sales team if we can advise you on this topic.

Type of containerVolumeWeight Max payloadMax total weight
20'Flat Rack2.740 kg31.260 kg34.000 kg
40'Flat Rack4.950 kg45.000 kg45.000 kg
20'Open Top332.270 kg28.210 kg30.480 kg
40'Open Top673.750 kg26.730 kg30.480 kg
40'Pallet Wide704.080 kg29.920 kg34.000 kg
40'Pallet Wide High Cube794.630 kg29.370 kg34.000 kg
20' Reefer283.140 kg27.000 kg23.860 kg
40'High Cube Reefer674.575 kg29.425 kg34.000 kg
20'Standard332.245 kg28.235 kg30.480 kg
40'Standard673.790 kg26.690 kg30.480 kg
40'High Cube763.950 kg26.530 kg30.480 kg

Quotation of sea containers prices and costs

Please contact us  for the attractive conditions for buying and leasing sea containers.

Our containers

Standard container
20ft container

Standard container
40ft container

High Cube container
40ft container

Reefer container
20ft container

Flat Rack container
20ft container

Flat Rack container
40ft container

Open Top  container
20ft container

Open Top container
40ft container

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