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Our containers

Our Containers

Trident’s container fleet comprises of a variety of containers such as standard 20-foot, 40-foot and 40-foot high cube dry cargo equipment, but also special dry freight containers such as open top, flat-rack, pallet-wide and refrigerated marine containers.

Containers for any kind of goods!!!

Standard Containers (20’dv, 40’dv and 40’hc)

The American Malcom P. MCLean is considered to be the inventor of this mode of transport by using a container for the first time in order to avoid transhipments at ports. These containers were constructed according to American rules and were not adequate for European road transport. It took some years until the ISO-standards for containers that are still valid to this day, were introduced.
The standard containers are:
• 20-foot dry cargo containers,
• 40-foot dry cargo containers,
• 40-foot high cube dry cargo containers.

Special Containers

Trident has a variety of specialized containers in its fleet such as open top containers, flat-rack containers, reefer containers and palletwide containers:

Open Top Containers (20’ot and 40’ot)

These containers have a tarpaulin instead of a hard roof. Goods that cannot be loaded through the doors of a standard container can be stuffed through the top. In addition, cargoes with over height can be shipped in Open-Top-Containers on board the sea ship.


Flat Rack Containers (20’fl and 40’fl)

Flat racks are containers without sidewalls or a roof. They have vertical front sides. This way bulky cargo with over dimensions - like big machinery parts - can be shipped. The cargo is fixed and lashed on the flat racks with belts and chains in order to ensure safe transit.


Reefer Containers (20’hr and 40’hr)

Reefer containers are special refrigerated containers. Their temperature can be adapted individually according to the goods in question. This allows vegetables, meat or fish to be shipped to warmer regions without any problems.


Pallet-Wide-Containers (40’dv-pw and 40’hc-pw)

Trident has a relatively small fleet of pallet-wide containers. As you can guess from the name, these containers are adequate for shipping Euro-pallets because the interior dimensions are slightly wider than the dimensions of a standard container.